The one and only secure messaging app

The one and only secure messaging app

The secure messenger app myENIGMA protects your privacy! The encryption mechanisms within myENIGMA are based on the end-to-end principle: Data like text or instant messages are encrypted at the sender’s device and decrypted on the recipient’s device. No third parties can access these messages during their transmission. This includes the mobile operators and the service provider. A key is agreed only between sender and recipient, renewed frequently and is thus a secret for all involved parties. A second layer of encryption (TLS, Transport Layer Security) is used during the transfer of the data, providing additional security.


- Send chat messages, videos, pictures, audio and more to friends and colleagues

- Seamless support for secure SMS when no data connection is available or while roaming

- myENIGMA contacts are identified automatically and securely in your address book

- Blacklist users you don’t want contacting you

- Invite your friends to join myENIGMA with a simple click

Besides the 1-to-1 chat myENIGMA offers a secure group chat with up to 30 members and the secure exchange of pictures, data files, audio files and videos. In addition secure SMS can be sent, a valuable option for example while roaming. myENIGMA works with the same comfort as a conventional messenger app. No technological knowledge is needed as the encryption works smoothly in the background. With servers and service provider being located in Switzerland, users benefit from strong privacy laws



myENIGMA 1.34.26